School Age Care

Kings Kids School Age Care offers a bright, spacious and cheerful classroom as well as a full size gymnasium and kitchen which we use in our daily programming. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum encourages exploration and learning through free play, art, gym, story time, science, math and literacy activities and much more!

By providing children a safe and healthy environment we are able to watch as each child grows and develops in all areas (socially, physically, cognitively and spiritually) Our centre is set up to encourage the children to explore each of these different areas of development. At Kings Kids we want the children to be involved in the daily planning of activities and have implemented a Leadership Club to help aid in this process.

Kings Kids is accredited by the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services. Accreditation is a voluntary program which aims to improve quality of care. It involves a number of rigorous steps which include a self-study which can take up to 12 months, a site visit and on going monitoring.

We’re Accredited!


Supervised drop off and pick up

of children attending Cecil Swanson Elementary and St. Rupert Elementary (September to June)

Morning breakfast program

as well as after school snack (following the Canada Food Guide)

Parent Subsidies are available

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Full day programs

on non-school days

Field trips and excursions

We offer care before school from 6:30 am – 8:30 am and then in the afternoons from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm. We offer full day programming on Out of School days for professional development as well as Spring Break.


September – June:

St. Rupert- $450.00 per month
Cecil Swanson- $490.00 per month including Friday lunch care



Our teachers are all trained professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education and have a heart and love for children.

Parents play an integral role in our program and are encouraged to participate in our centre’s activities. We host Family Fun Nights with dinner prepared and served by the children, an Annual BBQ in the summer, parent volunteers are always welcome on our field trips and we have an open door policy, meaning you can stop by anytime you like!


Kings Kids Out of School Care 2023 – 2024

Please fill out the following form to apply. Pending director approval.


Child Information

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Parent Information

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Emergency Contact (NOT a parent)

History and Other Medical Information

*Please note that if medication is required to be administered by staff and kept onsite, a medication consent form is required to be filled out by the guardian and staff prior to medication being administered.
Previous Daycare or After School program experience?
Are there any religious/cultural needs we should know?
Does your child have any medical or behavioural issues?

Authorization and Pick up

Please note: We cannot deny access to a biological parent unless legal documents have been issued/are on file.
I give permission for Kings Kids to contact my child's teacher to discuss strategies to create continuity between school and Kings Kids.

Permission/Release Statements

I give permission for my child to:

Photo/Video Release

Photo/Video Release
Signature of Parent/Guardian

Redirection (Guidance) Policy

  1. Discuss with the child their behavior and then give the child an alternative of what they may do the next time, then the child may resume their activity.
  2. If the child's behavior is still inappropriate, they will be spoken to privately and asked to find another activity.
  3. In the event that the redirection does not help the child's behavior to improve, the director is notified of the problem.
  4. The staff, director, and the parents discuss the problem and try to come up with a possible solution.
  5. In severe cases, when the child's inability to cope in group settings is continual, the parent may be asked to remove the child from the centre.
  6. Children will never at any time, be physically punished, isolated from an educator or denied basis necessities such as food or water.